Lindsey Graham Says Trump Will Win Now

Lindsey Graham Says Trump Will Win Now

( – Former President Donald Trump is currently under multiple investigations in New York, Georgia, and by the federal government. The probe in the Big Apple culminated in criminal charges against him. On March 30, a Manhattan grand jury indicted the former POTUS.

The charges against Trump were not announced on the day the news reported the indictment because grand jury proceedings are secret. That didn’t stop people from reacting to the news. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) used it as an opportunity to make a big prediction about the presidential race.

2024 Presidential Race

Trump announced his bid for the White House shortly after the November mid-terms. At that point, the probes into him were ongoing. Despite the fact that he declared his candidacy while he was under active investigation, Graham believes the recent indictment news will propel him to victory.

When news broke about the indictment, Graham released an official statement saying it was a “shocking and dangerous day” for the country. He called the indictment an “irresponsible” choice by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who filed criminal charges after the grand jury handed down the indictment against Trump.

The South Carolina senator went on to predict, “Trump wins in court and he wins at the ballot box,” when it is all said and done.

Reactions to Trump Indictment

The Philadelphia Inquirer published a report by Gillian McGoldrick and Julia Terruso that claimed the indictment against the former president could galvanize voters who believe the charges against him are part of a larger plot against him. Sam DeMarco, the leader of the GOP’s Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, branch, told the newspaper the “upside” for Trump is that “people will see he’s again being persecuted and come to his defense.”

Pat Poprik, head of the Bucks County Republican Party, said he believes the criminal charges will help Trump regain support from people who were moving away from him, saying there are “people who go for underdogs.”

It seems those Republicans could be on to something. Axios reported the former president raised more than $4 million in the 24-hour period after the indictment was announced. About 25% of those donations came from first-time donors. Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller told the website there is a “whole new group” of people supporting the 45th POTUS because they “are angered by what they see as this political persecution.”

Whether that support translates at the ballot box is unknown at this point. The first GOP primaries are a little less than a year away.

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