Little-Known Facts About Slavery

Little-Known Facts About Slavery

( – Progressive Liberals in Congress, Black Lives Matter (BLM), and Antifa have been busy pontificating about the long history of “white privilege/supremacy” in America. They’ve been defacing or tearing down statues and monuments dedicated to Confederate figures and the Founding Fathers. While there’s no denying much of what they’re claiming, there are some nuggets from our history that tend to get buried or overlooked. These little-known facts put a small but not unimportant, twist on the narrative.

The First Slave in North America

Many people who wanted to create a new life in the British Colonies that would become America, came over as indentured servants because they lacked the means to get here on their own. They would enter into a contract with the wealthy landowner, which said in return for the cost of their passage, they’d work for a set number of years and then be freed of the obligation. Like all contracts, it could be transferred to a different landowner, not the person just a piece of paper.

Such was the case with a black man by the name of Anthony Johnson who came to the colony of Virginia this way. He served out his term of the agreement and then went on to become a wealthy tobacco farmer in his own right.

He then sponsored an African man named John Casor to come over and work his land. As the termination date approached, the two men disagreed as to exactly when that was, Casor thinking it was earlier and Johnson, of course, thinking later. That’s when the former took the latter to court, claiming he had completed the contract.

Johnson took the position that since the other man “broke” the deal that the term of indenture was now for life, aka Casor would be his property. The court agreed with him, thereby creating the first title of ownership of a human being on this side of the Atlantic.

White People As Slaves

Another little known fact is that quite a few Caucasians were ripped from their homes and sent across the ocean as property. However, very few people know about this because people of bygone eras managed to accomplish what the Progressive Liberals of today are attempting — rewriting history.

In what’s the standard operating procedure for their ilk, they twist the facts to meet their narrative instead of keeping it based on the truth. In this case, what they’re doing is trying to push the idea that everybody, particularly from Ireland, came over as indentured servants.

But, they ignore the fact that many of those brought over were children as young as eight years old, which even back in those days was not old enough to enter into a contract. As one review of a book entitled White Cargo — the source of that age range – puts it, “[the book] is meticulously sourced and footnoted, which is wise, given its contentious material…”

The Emancipation Proclamation

If one asked most people about this legacy of President Abraham Lincoln, they’d tell you with almost absolute certainty that it’s how he freed the slaves. The problem with that is, like so much else that American children are taught as fact in the Liberal-controlled indoctrination education system, it’s not true.

What Lincoln did with this bit of sophistry was to declare the slaves in the “states in rebellion” were now free. But it did nothing for the people held in bondage in states like Maryland and Delaware, nor within the District of Columbia itself for fear that they would defect and join the Confederacy.

If one does enough digging, they’ll be able to find that the issue isn’t quite as black-and-white as textbooks now make it out to be. And while none of this does a single thing to mitigate the treatment generations of the black people of the United States suffered, it does, or at least should, flatten out some of the moral high ground that these radicals are attempting to take.

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