|LIVE LINK INSIDE| Robert Mueller’s Testimony

Former Trump Aide Refuses Mueller Subpoena
Former Trump Aide Refuses Mueller Subpoena

Folks, the day we’ve all been waiting for is finally here: former Special Counsel Robert Mueller is currently testifying in front of the House Judiciary & Intelligence Committees.

The hearing officially started this morning, but you can tune in and hear his words for yourself right here, on United Voice. Just hit play on the video below.

We’re already noticing just how much Mueller is squirming when GOP leaders ask tough questions… do you think that’s a sign he’s hiding something? Or is he just struggling with being held responsible for his role in one of the largest anti-President farces in recent years?

So much information being shared, here — be sure to stick around and tune in! And give us your thoughts on Mueller’s repeated refusal to answer questions in the comments.

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