Look Who ICE Just Expelled From the United States

Look Who ICE Just Expelled From The United States

(UnitedVoice.com) – For decades, one of the major issues at the border has been repeating offenders. Those are individuals who are repeatedly expelled from the country — either voluntarily or involuntarily — but continue to reenter the United States. A Mexican citizen who has been labeled a repeat offender was recently kicked out for the seventh time.

On February 9, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced the February 1 deportation of Misael Estrada-Virgin. The 37-year-old Mexican national has a long history with ICE that dates back 19 years. It began on April 27, 2004, when Border Patrol arrested him in Tecate, California. Officials allowed him to voluntarily leave the US, which he did.

According to ICE, Estrada-Virgin reentered the country multiple times in the ensuing years and either voluntarily returned or was deported six times between 2004 and 2023. In December 2022, law enforcement arrested him in Washington state and placed him in detention. While he was locked up, Mexico sent an arrest warrant to US officials for the convicted criminal. That led to his seventh deportation.

The migrant’s previous criminal history included him being sentenced to two years in prison for the purchase/possession of the sale of cocaine in December 2004 and then being deported at some point. In 2011, he was once again convicted for a serious drug offense and sentenced to 18 months for one charge and 21 months for another. He was charged with illegally entering the country the next year.

Mary De Anda, the ERO El Paso Field Office director, said the recent deportation proves, “Criminals will not find sanctuary in our communities.”

Estrada-Virgin isn’t the only immigrant with a criminal record to be captured in the US in the last year. ICE reported the arrests of 46,396 migrants who had criminal histories in fiscal year 2022. They had nearly 200,000 charges and convictions among them, including sex offenses, kidnapping, weapons charges, and assaults.

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