Mail-In Ballot Issues Could Put November Election in Question

Mail-In Ballot Issues Could Put November Election in Question

( – The presidential election is coming quickly. In states that allowed mail-in ballots during the primary, dangers were exposed about voting through that method. While Democrats have cried for years that voter ID laws — designed to protect the integrity of elections — suppressed votes. Of course, their plan for mail-in ballots has caused real and widespread suppression. Thousands or even millions of votes risk not being counted in November.

As fears mounted over COVID-19, nearly half the states quickly passed laws to allow for mail-in ballots for their primaries. President Donald Trump has concerns about voting by mail, saying it could cause widespread fraud and abuse. Democrats and the media have downplayed the president’s perspective. They accuse him of making up the issue, arguing he is trying to stop Democrats who are concerned about contracting COVID-19 from voting in-person.

However, new information shows that voter fraud, logistical issues, problems with the United States Postal Service (USPS), and delays in vote counts were pressing matters during the 2020 primary season. Voter fraud changed the outcome of US elections in 2018, and it will undoubtedly have an impact in 2020.

The critical question is not really about people exercising their right to vote. It’s why are Democrats risking the integrity of US elections and the ballots of voters?

Voter Fraud

Voter fraud related to mail-in ballots has been well documented. Recently, the White House posted a 381-page report by the Heritage Foundation detailing examples of voter fraud. Convictions included duplicate voting, ineligible voting, ballot petition fraud, absentee ballots, buying votes, false registrations… and the list goes on.

Across the country, partisans and paid companies were caught collecting votes and mailing them on behalf of voters. Some fraudsters forged signatures and others intimidated people into mailing in their ballot. Even elected officials got in on the action.

Logistical Issues and the USPS

There is much that goes into mail-in voting. For one, there are the proper means of ensuring voters receive ballots. Second, there are problems with the postal service. It’s underfunded and, as a result, sometimes the mail isn’t received in a timely fashion. Mail carriers have deadlines to meet and mail is often left behind that has been sorted for delivery.

The USPS admits that the left behind mail is delayed for more urgent priority deliveries. An analysis by NPR found that 65,000 absentee or mail-in ballots were rejected because they were not received by the deadline. In April, hundreds of ballots were never received by voters in Wisconsin. These are not isolated incidents.

Reporting Delays and Other Nightmare Situations

Across the country, vote tally delays have been pronounced due to mail-in ballots. On average it takes a week to count mail-in ballots, but there have been precincts that took up to a month to finish. New York’s primary was held on June 23 and they still have not completed all the vote counting as of July 23.

The Democrat’s solution is to allow voters to mail ballots in sooner. However, this also creates many more problems than solutions.

For one, people who vote too soon may learn more about a candidate. Depending on what’s learned, a voter may want to change his or her mind. If they already voted, it’s too late.

Additionally, if a scandal breaks out before election day and a candidate wins, the electorate is stuck with that person unless the candidate-elect chooses to withdraw. That creates an entirely new nightmare scenario.

The Integrity of Elections Cannot Be Compromised

Democrats often downplay serious opportunities for voter fraud. However, good leaders are always looking for ways to improve systems and processes and remove opportunities for foul play or logistical problems.

If America is left questioning the results of every election, public trust in the electoral system will eventually erode away. Nothing is more sacred than the integrity of an election. Without rigid safeguards to protect against fraud, abuse, and voter intimidation, the election system is compromised. The media and Democrats will continue to downplay the impact of the issue. They’ll say it’s not widespread.

However, by them saying voter fraud is not widespread, the media and Democrats are acknowledging it is in fact happening. The question then becomes — how pervasive is it and how can it be stopped?

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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