Maine Man Carrying Severed Arm Saved by Good Samaritans

Maine Man Carrying Severed Arm Saved by Good Samaritans

( – In 2020, the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows 4,764 people died in workplace accidents. Recently, a man suffered a horrific accident while at work, but good samaritans saved him from adding to that gruesome statistic.

On Friday, January 21, police in Lewiston, Maine, received an emergency call about a man walking around carrying his own severed arm. He was reportedly injured in a workplace accident at a general market. He’d severed the arm at the shoulder while using a band saw. Public works employees saw the man and quickly applied a tourniquet to his arm to stop the bleeding.

Emergency responders arrived on the scene and took the man to Central Maine Medical Center. He underwent surgery, but so far it’s uncertain whether or not doctors were able to reattach his arm. Police followed a blood trail on the sidewalk, leading them to the store where they believe the accident occurred. Authorities told reporters the quick thinking of the public works employees likely saved the man’s life. Lewiston Public Works Director Mary Ann Brenchick told the Sun Journal it must have been “divine intervention” that two of her best workers were right there when the accident happened.

Authorities haven’t released details about the incident. It could have just been a freak accident, but it highlights why it’s so important to follow all safety measures while on the job. If a person is working with a saw, keep loose clothing away from it and don’t get distracted – the advice could save a life.

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