Majority of Americans Think Basic Rights Are Under Attack

Majority of Americans Think Basic Rights Are Under Attack

According to a new survey done by the Harris Poll and Purple Project, 92% of people surveyed believe that their rights as Americans are in danger.

Of the 2,002 people surveyed, 41% said that equal justice is at risk, 48% fear their freedom of speech is being taken away and 47% think that the right to bear arms is under threat.

The poll also asked Americans which freedom they would miss the most if they were taken away:

  • 46% said they would miss the freedom of expression
  • 45% said the right to equal justice and
  • 63% said freedom of speech

John Gerzema, CEO of the Harris Poll, had this to say about the survey results, “When you frame something as a threat, it creates a bit of a political response, and it creates division and encampments of special interest,” adding “When you look at the things we really value, what makes America so special is these core tenets of our Constitution. I just find it interesting to note how much Americans really value this.”

Another interesting result of the survey was that 55% of Americans want to be able to have meaningful conversations with people who have opposing political views.

Dems need to listen to this poll. The name-calling and refusal to compromise are not what the American people want.

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