Man Accused of Hate Crime Attack Had Dozens of Prior Arrests

Man Accused of Hate Crime Attack Had Dozens of Prior Arrests

Violent Suspect IDENTIFIED – DOZENS of Prior Arrests!

( – When Anthony Evans, 30, attacked an Asian woman on a crowded New York City street, police initially charged him with a hate crime. While that charge didn’t stick, the man still faces accusations of assault and possessing a deadly weapon.

Evans was remanded to custody and ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation at his arraignment late Tuesday, August 2. The prosecutor will continue to look into whether anti-Asian sentiment played a role.

The victim, a 59-year-old seamstress going about her business, suffered a deep wound to her hand that required 16 stitches and another less-severe wound to her forearm. Video of the attack shows the assailant approaching from behind. He then raises his hand over his head and swings down with force, striking the unsuspecting woman as she passes him.

If race wasn’t the motive, there doesn’t seem to be one. Evans allegedly assaulted the woman, turned around, and walked away without saying a thing. With 30 arrests on his record and a clear image from surveillance cameras, it didn’t take authorities long to identify and track him.

One of those recent arrests was for robbery, which wasn’t enough to keep him in jail under New York’s lax bail system. He was out in no time, using the opportunity the city handed him to commit yet another crime. Could this incident have been avoided if New York had dealt with career criminals effectively?

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