Man Arrested For Shooting Refrigerator

Man Arrested For Shooting Refrigerator

( – People have been known to mistake all sorts of sounds for gunfire. Fireworks, backfiring cars, and now, an exploding soda can. It’s what one man did when he heard that sound that led to both ridicule — and criminal charges.

In July, police in Yakima, Washington, arrested a man for shooting his refrigerator after a pop can exploded. A neighbor called emergency services after hearing gunfire. When officers arrived on scene they found a gun in the middle of the road and the man in an alleyway “yelling incoherently.”

Witnesses later told the police the man was putting pop in the fridge when it exploded, he immediately pulled a gun out of his pants and fired at the bottom of the appliance. He later told the cops he thought someone was shooting at him from the basement. The problem is, there wasn’t even a basement at the house.

Police arrested the man for unlawful possession of a firearm and discharge of a firearm. When they asked the man where he got the weapon, he said he found it. Perhaps the gun belonged to the invisible people in the invisible basement.

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