Man Claimed to be Donald Trump Before Killing Someone He Thought Were the Clintons

Man Claimed to be Donald Trump Before Killing Someone He Thought Were the Clintons

( – On February 21, Carmel Police in Indiana responded to a call from a neighbor about a possible domestic dispute across the street. When officers arrived on the scene, they found 75-year-old David Claerbout dead in the driveway of his home from multiple stab wounds. The police then found Marcia Claerbout, David’s wife, beaten, bound and slashed.

Marcia told officers that the couple’s son, 40-year-old Christopher Claerbout, entered the home around 9 a.m. while she was upstairs. As she tried to walk down the stairs, her son allegedly pushed her. She fell down about 10 stairs and hit the wall and a wooden tree.

The frightened mother then accused her son of handcuffing her and tying her up with an orange extension cord. He spent the day allegedly ranting, including saying he thought he was black. He also reportedly claimed he was former President Donald Trump and said she and David were Bill and Hillary Clinton. When Marcia’s husband, David, came home, she says he got into a fight with his son outside. She believes Christopher began stabbing him at that point.

Police captured Christopher later as he was driving down the interstate. On February 22, they interviewed him. He told police his parents sex-trafficked him like politicians do. He allegedly said he was going to hold his mom in custody until she could go to Guantanamo Bay under the War Crimes Act.

The suspect remains in custody and the Carmel Police Department is asking anyone with information to call (317) 571-2500.

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