Man Claiming to be From 2030 Passes Lie Detector Test

Man Claiming to be From 2030 Passes Lie Detector Test
Man Claiming to be From 2030 Passes Lie Detector Test

A mysterious man claiming to be a time-traveler is insisting he returned to Earth to warn us about our own impending doom. The man, who calls himself “Noah,” was filmed taking and successfully passing a lie detector test aimed at verifying his claims. The video was later uploaded to YouTube, where it rapidly achieved viral status. As expected, some are raising questions about the validity of the video and whether or not the lie detector test was even activated during the video.

Key Facts

• “Noah” made a series of predictions in the video, including a BitCoin popularity boom, successful colonization of Mars by 2028, a cure for cancer, and electric cars that travel as fast as fossil fuel cars.
• The self-identified time traveler also states that his youth is a misnomer. Although he appears to be in his early 20s, Noah claims this is a result of taking a rejuvenation drug. In his own time, he is allegedly a 50-year-old man with anorexia.
• Time travel itself won’t be discovered for another 10 years, in 2028. However, Noah the time traveler did not reveal how, when, or why researchers would discover the process.
• In the video, Noah appears to be wearing something that looks to be a blood pressure cuff. While it does appear to look similar to the cuff used on a lie detector machine, other parts of the machine seemed to be missing. This includes clip-on finger devices to measure oxygen and a chest band that measures respiration.
• Even if the cuff was attached to a lie detector device, there’s no evidence it was actually on or that a qualified tester gave the test. Furthermore, lie detectors are never 100 percent effective. In court, they are rarely admissible as many factors can alter the outcome.
• Noah also predicted the rise of AI, although it wasn’t clear whether he meant to aid humans or to cause harm to us. He also stated that Donald Trump would be re-elected in the upcoming four-year elections.