Man Claims He’s the Missing Biden Witness

Missing Biden Witness Steps Forward

( – In early May, Republicans lobbed new accusations at President Joe Biden. They claimed that someone came forward and accused the POTUS of being involved in some sort of bribery scheme with an agent of a foreign government. The House asked the FBI to hand over a document that they thought might exist, which documented the allegations against the president.

Since then, GOP lawmakers have been locked in a battle with the FBI. They are moving forward with contempt charges against FBI Director Christopher Wray, who was appointed by former President Donald Trump. Republicans also announced they’d lost track of the witness. Now, someone is claiming he’s that witness.

Criminal Charges

In February, Gal Luft was arrested at the Larnaca International Airport in Cyprus. Interpol had issued a warrant for his arrest on suspicion of arms trafficking to China and Libya. According to reports, he’s also suspected of conspiring to commit other felonies like making false statements. The Jerusalem Post reported he’s been accused of committing various crimes since at least 2015.

The United States issued an extradition request to bring Luft to America to face a trial. The suspected criminal claimed the Department of Justice is trying to protect Biden by trying to “bury” him. The Israeli is accused of seven crimes in the US. Five of the charges relate to the Arms Export Control Act and the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

The Alleged Witness

In May, Gal Luft vanished in Cyprus while waiting to be extradited. Now, the New York Post has published a story alleging he was the “missing” House Oversight Committee witness. The former colonel in the Israeli Defense Force claims he met with FBI officials and DOJ prosecutors in Brussels in 2019 to provide information alleging a Chinese company paid Hunter Biden $100,000 a month to promote China’s Belt and Road Initiative. He says Hunter and his uncle, James Biden, were using the Biden name to promote the policy. Luft didn’t name the president as part of the scheme.

Luft claimed he was in hiding because he doesn’t trust the US court system to give him a fair trial. He said the chances of “getting a fair trial in Washington are virtually zero.” So, instead of leaving it up to a jury of Americans to determine whether he broke the law, he ran. “I had to do what I had to do,” he told the Post.

The fugitive said that the charges stemmed from emails he sent five years ago. An Israeli arms dealer whom he considers a friend asked him to speak to a company to find out how much a weapon would cost. He claims it didn’t go any further than that, saying the DOJ has charged him with a “thought crime.”

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