Man Dies After Self Medicating With Chloroquine

Man Dies After Self Medicating With Chloroquine

( – The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning people not to self-medicate using chloroquine phosphate as a cure for the coronavirus. A couple in Arizona recently found out the hard way what happens when you take medication without approval. They ingested chloroquine thinking it would prevent them from contracting COVID-19.

The woman said they found the chemical compound in their cabinet and even acknowledged that she knew it wasn’t an FDA-approved coronavirus treatment. She also admitted to hearing the drug had been “approved for other things,” making them believe it was safe to try.

Both had to be hospitalized after mixing and drinking 1 teaspoon of chloroquine with soda. The woman ended up in critical condition and the 60-year-old man died soon after drinking the mixture.

In an audio recording, the woman speaks to a reporter and blames President Trump:

The FDA has been authorized by Trump to speed-up testing to determine the effectiveness of chloroquine in combating the coronavirus.

The president, along with immunologist, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has said in multiple press briefings evidence of using chloroquine to treat COVID-19 is unreliable.

Although the current test results look promising, they acknowledge more testing is necessary before the FDA can approve and mark it safe for public use. 

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