Man Jumps From Plane Believing Someone Is Out to Get Him

Man Jumps From Plane Believing Someone Is Out to Get Him

( – A family is incredibly worried after their loved one was taken into custody following a bizarre incident at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor airport. The man is now facing criminal charges, but his family thinks he needs mental health help.

On Saturday morning, December 4, 30-year-old Daniel Ramirez opened the emergency door of the plane he was on while it was taxiing down the runway at the airport. He hopped out of the plane and then locked himself in a nearby fire department. His mother, Theresa Padilla, told KNXV her son thought someone was after him when he made the leap.

Police have charged Ramirez with two misdemeanor trespassing counts. Captain Todd Keller, with the Phoenix Fire Department, said the suspect was taken to the hospital for evaluation. Ramirez reportedly hurt his leg during the incident.

Padilla said her son was traveling back to Arizona from Colorado after he completed a tiling job. She explained that he called her before he left and said he didn’t want to go home because he feared for his life. His sister-in-law, Emily Luevano, said the family spoke to him for seven hours. They hope doctors will give him a mental health evaluation. They believe he could be schizophrenic because it runs in the family. There’s been no update on whether he’s getting both mental and physical treatment at the hospital.

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