Man MURDERS Wife, Takes Own Life While His Children Watch

Man Murders Wife, Takes His Own Life While Children Watch

( – Oscar Salazar, an illegal immigrant, gained a criminal record in 2016 when police charged him with aggravated battery for assaulting his then-pregnant girlfriend, Byanca Cruz Tovar. Unfortunately, the young mom stuck with her man, which ended tragically with a brutal crime and three traumatized children.

On October 17, deputies in Volusia County, Florida, found Cruz, 26, dead from multiple stab wounds. Salazar, 31, was barely alive with a weak pulse. He died from his injuries at the hospital. In a press conference, Sheriff Mike Chitwood said the couple argued over how to discipline their children, resulting in Salazar stabbing Tovar to death while one of the three kids watched in horror.

The pair’s 10-year-old stepson said his stepfather almost stabbed him before turning the knife on himself, slashing his own throat. The boy ran to a neighbor’s home seeking help. The neighbor called 911. The other two children, both Salazar’s biological offspring, remained physically unharmed, but certainly, the emotional toll will be heavy.

The Sheriff expressed his grief and concern for the kids, who will now endure life without a mother and carry the burden of how they lost her. He said they would “need a lot of love and support” now and for a lifetime. Relatives are caring for the youngsters.

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