Man Pushed Onto Subway Amid Massive Crime Wave in NYC

Man Pushed Onto Subway Amid Massive Crime Wave in NYC

( – New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) vowed to crack down on crime when he took office, but less than a month into his administration, the task looks like it might be easier said than done. There’s been a spike in crime since he took office, multiple attacks on police, an increase in shootings and there’s been an uptick in subway attacks – including two in just over a week.

On Sunday, January 23, a suspect pushed a 62-year-old man onto the subway tracks in Manhattan. An NYPD spokesman spoke to The Independent about the incident, saying the victim was waiting on the A/C platform when the suspect shoved him onto the tracks as a train approached. The victim climbed back onto the platform before the train arrived. Thankfully he suffered only minor injuries.

Officers say the suspect fled on foot, but witnesses described him as a black male in his twenties, standing 5 feet 5 inches to 5 feet 7 inches tall. He was wearing green pants, a blue scarf and a camouflage jacket with a patch.

The crime was the second like it in just eight days. On January 15, Martial Simon, 61, pushed 40-year-old Michelle Go while waiting for a train. An oncoming subway hit and killed the woman.

The train attacks are part of a 65% increase in transit crime and are combined with a 16% spike in shootings, and a 52% jump in robberies compared to last year. Some are wondering if Adams can keep his promise to keep residents safe.

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