Man Sentenced for Tormenting Neighbors in Strange Way

Man Sentenced for Tormenting Neighbors in Strange Way

( – Everyone has probably had an annoying neighbor or two at some point in their life. Maybe they were too loud or didn’t keep up with their yard work and that was annoying. However, a man in Russia tormented his neighbors in a really weird way and now he’s going to spend some time behind bars.

In 2019, Yury Kondratyev, 46, was charged for harassing his neighbors by blasting the sound of horse neighs — for a year and a half. According to reports, he first tried to annoy his neighbors with loud classical music. When they didn’t react the way he wanted them to, he started making the horse sounds. He was playing the sounds every two hours throughout the night.

It ended when police arrested the man for torturing two or more people. He finally went to court and a judge sentenced him to three-and-a-half years in prison.

Prior to his arrest, the Russian man admitted that he listened to loud music, played horse sounds and knocked on the walls all night in order to anger his neighbors. Now, they finally have some peace and quiet.

Kondratyev definitely took being a bad “neigh”-bor to a whole new level.

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