Man Who Faked His Death to Avoid Trial Caught in Pacific Northwest

Man Who Faked His Death to Avoid Trial Caught in Pacific Northwest

( – A suspected child pornographer who tried to fake his own death six years ago has been arrested. The 28-year-old is believed to have been living rough since his disappearance. Unfortunately for him, his “suicide” didn’t fool federal cops.

In 2016, an Iowa man, Jacob Greer, was arrested on charges of receiving and possessing child pornography. The next day, he was released on bail on the condition he wore an ankle monitor. However, Greer had other ideas. He borrowed $1,000 from a friend, bought a car then loaded a rucksack with survival gear, a bow, and arrows.

On May 31, 2016, Greer’s ankle monitor signaled that he’d removed it. A search soon found Greer’s car, with a suicide note inside – but no body. Suspicious about this convenient “death,” federal officers issued an arrest warrant for Greer the same day.

For the next six years, Greer seems to have lived rough, sheltering in abandoned cabins and using his survivalist skills to live off the land. Cops don’t know exactly where he was living through his time on the run, or whether anyone helped him – but on April 4, a joint force of US Marshals from Iowa, Montana, and Washington finally tracked him down. Now he’s being held in Seattle awaiting transfer back to Des Moines, Iowa, for trial. It took six years, but the US Marshals weren’t going to let this devious criminal escape justice.

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