Man Who Left Death Row After 25 Years Is Murdered at Funeral

Man Who Left Death Row After 25 Years Is Murdered at Funeral

( – It’s a joyous day when the courts free a person from prison after a wrongful conviction. There’s always hope that they will be able to rebuild their lives. Unfortunately for one man, his life ended in tragedy less than two years after being given his freedom from death row.

On Friday, December 16, exonerated prisoner Christopher Williams drove to the Mount Peace Cemetery in Philadelphia in the burial procession for Tyree Little, another formerly incarcerated man. Someone shot him in the head as he stepped out of his vehicle at the graveyard. Doctors at Temple University Hospital pronounced him dead a short time later.

Williams served almost 30 years after courts convicted him in two different cases. In 1992, a court found him and co-defendant Troy Coulston guilty of killing Michael Haynesworth. Then just a year later, a court convicted him and co-defendant Theophalis Wilson of a triple homicide. All four murders took place in 1989.

In February 2021, the state freed Williams after the courts exonerated him of Haynesworth’s murder in 2019 and the triple homicide in 2020. He was free for just 22 months before an unknown assailant ripped his life away from him.

In an interview following the shooting, Wilson stated that despite the fact the pair were innocent, “not everyone believes it.”

Williams’ six children survive him.

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