Mandalay Bay Casino Does the Unthinkable Against Victims of Las Vegas Shooting

Mandalay Bay Casino Files Lawsuit Against Victims of Las Vegas Shooting
Mandalay Bay Casino Files Lawsuit Against Victims of Las Vegas Shooting

Settle in, but grab a cold glass of sweet tea first – what we’re about to tell you is almost certainly going to make you steaming mad. As if the tragic nature of last year’s Las Vegas massacre couldn’t get any worse, now Mandalay Bay Casino has decided to sue the victims of the incident. Of all the dirty, double-crossing, disgusting corporate manipulation tactics we’ve covered here, this takes the cake.

Key Facts

• Mandalay Bay, which is owned by MGM Resorts International, claims they were “forced” to sue because of liability issues. They sued a total of 1,000 grieving and recovering families, all of whom were either involved or directly impacted by the event.
• The hotel become involved because the shooter somehow managed to bring an arsenal of guns and ammunition through the front door and into a room with a perfect vantage point of the concert. That’s exactly why he was able to murder 58 people and leave a total of 800 victims.
• After the event, several families and loved ones attempted to sue MGM for their role in lax hotel security and the sheer indignity of the fact that they took such risks with patron lives. Many believe the hotel failed in their duty to monitor, respond, and prevent the mass shooting.
• MGM, however, disagrees. They hired a security company, Contemporary Services Corporation, who they say was supposed to assume liability/ But this is where things get complicated.
• CSC is liability-protected by the Department of Homeland Security because of the nature of the services it provides; they’re equipped to respond to “acts of mass injury and destruction.” This identifies them from lawsuits due to liability.
• This particular piece of legislation stems from a federal act first put into play in 2002. It affords legal protection to any company using “anti-terrorism” technology or working to “help prevent and respond to mass violence,” including most high-level security companies.
• What does that have to do with people suing MGM? The company claims they can’t be held liable for the massacre and effects, including any failures in security, because they hired CSC, thereby transferring liability to them. Since CSC cannot be sued, several legal sources have stated that MGM cannot transfer liability to CSC.
• This despicable attempt to debase and interfere with the lives of victims is little more than an attempt to shift the blame. Las Vegas lawyer Robert Eglet called it a “blatant display of judge shopping” that “verges on unethical,” an observation we staunchly agree with.