Mark Sanford Drops out of 2020 Election

Mark Sanford Drops out of 2020 Election

The former governor of South Carolina, Republican Mark Sanford, has ended his presidential campaign just two months after it started.

Sanford announced his decision during a press conference at the New Hampshire statehouse. His reason for stepping away? The ongoing impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

“Call me a casualty of the impeachment process. On the Republican side, there is no oxygen in the room for other issues. And the purpose of the campaign was to try and raise and elevate a discussion and debate about where are we going as a country,” he said.

The former governor, who retired from politics after losing his congressional seat in 2018, did not announce if he will go back into retirement or pursue another political path.

There are still two candidates who are challenging Trump in 2020; Joe Walsh and Bill Weld.

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