Mask Mandate Goes Overboard in Utah

Mask Mandate Goes Overboard in Utah

( – Everybody is trying to keep their families safe during this COVID-19 pandemic. But the mask mandates in some states are getting completely out of control. Some are even punishing children who don’t wear a face covering.

Utah Governor Gary Herbert (R) isn’t sympathizing with parents objecting to his new rule. It states kids in school K-12 must wear a mask or face possible criminal charges. Herbert issued this mandate in July. But now, it’s certainly being put to the test with kids back in school.

Punishment for children who don’t wear a face-covering includes a maximum of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. The charge would be a misdemeanor.

So we’re going to start throwing children in jail? Seriously?

It’s not just that Herbert has issued this over-the-top mandate for children, but he’s also got an attitude towards concerned parents that leaves a lot to be desired. He told The Salt Lake Tribune that parents who opposed his order were “irrational.”

A spokesperson for Herbert said school officials would be able to decide on whether or not to make compliance with the mask mandate a criminal issue. She said their main priority was keeping the teachers safe.

The governor’s office said they are looking at making some changes to coronavirus-related orders. But the in-school mask mandate for children will remain intact.

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