Mass Graves Discovered in Mexico, Only Miles from US Border

Mass Graves Discovered in Mexico, Only Miles from US Border

( – Finding mass graves in Mexico is disturbingly common. Cartel violence has left tens of thousands of people dead in the country over the last two decades. Recently, volunteers found multiple graves containing more than two dozen corpses.

Tipsters contacted the search organization “For the Love of the Disappeared.” They led them to a shocking number of clandestine gravesites in the Mexcian city of Reynosa, in the state of Tamaulipas, just across the border from McAllen, Texas. According to reports, they found 16 burial pits, some containing multiple bodies. Ultimately, searchers counted a total of 27 corpses.

Edith González, the group leader, told The Associated Press that the burial site was just four miles from the US-Mexico border. Some of the bodies were only covered by a foot and a half of dirt. She acknowledged that some who called in might be “people who worked there” for the drug cartels in the area. She also said her organization has received more tips lately, leading her to believe people have started “to shake off their fear and have begun reporting” gravesites.

These aren’t the only mass graves that people have found this year. In February, law enforcement found two in San Isidro Mazatepec in the state of Jalisco. A total of 31 bodies were buried at the two sites. In 2022, authorities found 301 bodies in Jalisco in 41 gravesites. And in 2020, they found 544 buried bodies.

Tamaulipas, where the recent bodies were discovered, has a long history of mass graves. In 2011, the bodies of 193 migrants, primarily from Central America, were found in clandestine graves in the state. Reports later revealed local police helped the drug cartels murder the immigrants and hide their bodies.

Having murders of that magnitude occur so close to the United States is alarming. Even more so when President Joe Biden’s administration is dealing with a border crisis of its own making.

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