Mass Layoffs ORDERED – It Has Begun!

It's Official - Mass Layoffs Coming
It's Official - Mass Layoffs Coming

It’s Official – Mass Layoffs Happening

( – After months of back and forth, Elon Musk took control of Twitter at the end of October. The newly minted social media platform owner made it clear before the sale went through that he would make major changes at the company. A week into his reign, he began making those adjustments.

On Thursday, November 3, Musk began laying off employees. The platform’s roughly 7,500 workers had reportedly been bracing themselves for the possibility they wouldn’t have jobs soon. According to reports, some learned they’d lost their jobs in the middle of the night. For many, the first sign came in the form of their company email addresses no longer working.

Yoel Roth, the head of Twitter’s content moderation division, tweeted that management had cut approximately 15% of the Trust and Safety workforce. However, he said the “core moderation capabilities remain in place.”

Company-wide, Musk cut roughly half of the platform’s workforce. Chris Younie, an employee who worked in London, took to Twitter (ironically) to post screenshots of his computer screen, showing he no longer had access to the online system.

Musk has not said whether he plans to make more cuts at the company or if this massive round of layoffs is the end of them. Time will tell.

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