Massive Border Patrol Success in 2019

Massive Border Patrol Success in 2019

We’ve all witnessed the massive influx of immigrants in recent times. An increasing number of illegals are attempting to cross the US-Mexico border thanks to sanctuary cities run by Democrats. Leftists would rather work with illegal immigrants than federal officials because giving free services to immigrants is politically expedient.

This shows how Dems care more about immigrants than American citizens.

Thankfully, there’s some good news. Due to President Trump’s immigration policies and investment into border security, average apprehension rates along the border in 2019 are at their highest since at least 2014. Border agents have arrested a total of 851,000 individuals during the 2019 fiscal year.

The 851,000 figure doesn’t include attempted border crossings or asylum seekers who were turned away. That information should be released in a handful of weeks. Still, it’s encouraging to see border arrests at an all-time high.

Trump’s Border Improvements

Trump described an old section of wall near San Diego as “sheet metal” that could merely be knocked over and trampled upon by immigrants. Trump’s wall currently under construction will be untraversable, which limits the number of feasible locations to cross the border. Then, we should see the ratio of apprehensions to attempted border crossings skyrocket even higher.

Additionally, Trump’s excellent deal with Mexico earlier this year convinced our southern neighbor to send more armed forces to the border. Mexico has played an important part in limiting the number of crossings on their side thanks to a renewed presence along the southern border. No Democrat could have struck that deal.

A Work in Progress

Still, there is much more to be done before the US-Mexico border is totally secure and locked down. With Democrats constantly sandbagging attempts to fund or build the wall, construction time is projected to take much longer than anticipated. Pentagon chief spokesman Jonathan Hoffman stated that construction rates are currently at about one mile per day.

Democrats must work with Republicans to quickly construct the border wall if America is to be safer in the near future.

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