Massive Drug Bust at the Border

Massive Drug Bust at the Border
Massive Drug Bust at the Border

Need another example of why Trump’s push for the border wall matters so much, and why it’s worth the money? Border agents just seized a veritable mountain of meth at the Mexican border last week – more than enough of the illegal substance to kill a human with only minor ingestion. The 94-lb seizure is just one of two major drug trafficking attempts in recent weeks and serves as a good reminder of why border control is so important.

Key Facts

  • Officials seized a total of three very large buckets containing approximately 94 lbs of pure methamphetamine. The buckets were found in a Chevy Silverado that attempted to cross over via the Juarez-Lincoln International Bridge. The total estimated street value? $1,322,848.
  • Border Patrol agents used drug dogs to check the truck for banned substances. The dogs flagged the vehicle for drugs. Officials then used x-ray technology to locate the hidden buckets in the vehicle.
  • Port Director Albert Flore of Laredo Port of Entry spoke to the press about the drug bust shortly afterward. “Our CBP officers’ hard work, perseverance, and utilization of canines and our non-intrusive imaging systems resulted in the interception of this significant load of methamphetamine,” he explained.
  • Just last week, officials stopped another vehicle at Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge carrying “stone bricks.” Those bricks turned out to be hiding a veritable smorgasbord of illegal substances – methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin. The estimated value of that seizure sits at around $7,000,000.
  • Both of the women driving the Silverado mentioned in the most recent bust were arrested and turned over to Homeland Security. It isn’t clear whether or not they were extradited to Mexico or if they would be charged on U.S. soil.