Massive Leak Exposes Disturbing Google Project

Massive Leak Exposes Disturbing Google Project

( – According to company documents obtained by an investigator, it appears Google has some pretty shocking opinions of Conservatives in America. The training materials for employees show just how much Critical Race Theory and other doctrines are being force-fed to its workers.

On September 9, Christopher Rufo, a former researcher at the Heritage Foundation who now works for the Manhattan Institute think tank, spoke to journalists about Google’s antiracism training. Rufo obtained documents and videos used by Google to indoctrinate staff into Critical Race Theory, the controversial ideology that appears to blame white people for everything, and their contents are terrifying.

One slide shows a list of examples of “socially acceptable white supremacy” employees have to be on the lookout for. The list includes celebrating Columbus Day or saying “Make America great again.” Staff are told that Americans are “raised to be racist” and the US is “a 350-year system of white supremacy.” A “hierarchy of white supremacy” puts former president Donald Trump and conservative commentator Ben Shapiro on the upper levels of a pyramid whose summit is mass murder.

Some Google videos feature Ibram X Kendi, who some believe is a notorious race-baiter and is accused of thinking interracial adoption is a colonialist plot to “civilize savages.” Others were made by former Google diversity chief Kamau Bobb, who was reassigned after he was accused of being an antisemitic racist. These are the sort of people who decide how Google employees should think – and, with its iron grip on the internet, Google decides how we all should think.

Big Tech isn’t just arrogant anymore; it’s dangerous.

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