Maxine Waters Calls for Protesters to Get “More Confrontational”

Maxine Waters Calls for Protesters to Get

( – A Democrat congresswoman, apparently unaware of what’s been happening on American streets for the last year, has told left-wing protestors to be even more aggressive if a jury makes a decision she contests.

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) said on April 17, if former Minnesota cop Derek Chauvin is acquitted of murder over the death of George Floyd last May, protestors should “stay on the streets… get more active, get more confrontational.”

The shocking remarks were actually relatively normal for Waters, who has made a career out of abusing and threatening her political opponents. Last Thursday, she interrupted a congressional hearing by shouting for a GOP member to “shut your mouth.” In 2018, she notoriously encouraged her supporters to harass presidential staffers in restaurants, gas stations and stores.

The jury in the Chauvin trial is already in an unenviable position. Whatever the evidence says, there’s enormous pressure on jurors to convict. With Waters demanding even more civil unrest if they don’t find Chauvin guilty of murder, that pressure just got turned up another notch.

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