McDonald’s Orders Emergency Shutdown of Offices

McDonald's Orders Emergency Shutdown of Offices

( – As the economy continues to evolve, companies are restructuring in an effort to shore up their businesses and ensure they withstand harder times. Even one of the most popular fast-food chains in the world is making changes.

McDonald’s sent a message to its corporate staff informing them the offices would be closed on April 3 through April 5. The Wall Street Journal reportedly viewed the message, which said the company wanted employees to work from home while executives made staffing decisions. According to the memo, the restructuring results would be announced during that period of time.

Employees were told to cancel all in-person meetings during the three days the office would be closed. In the message sent to workers, the company acknowledged many of them would be busy with travel, so the notice asked everyone to ensure they had provided contact information should managers need to reach out to anyone. McDonald’s refused to comment on the reports, according to the WSJ.

McDonald’s is hardly the only company laying people off. A Burger King franchisee, EYM King of Michigan LLC, informed the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity that 26 of its restaurants would be closing. A notice posted online stated the reason for the closures and the 424 layoffs was an “unforeseen business circumstance and not being able to reach a resolution” with the franchise.

Walmart is also laying off hundreds of workers. At the end of March, a spokesperson confirmed to Reuters that roughly 200 employees at five fulfillment centers in New Jersey, Texas, Florida, California, and Pennsylvania were losing their jobs. The company said it had “adjusted staffing levels” to prepare for the “needs of customers” in the future. Walmart is allowing the affected employees to apply at other facilities or be paid for 90 days if they so choose.

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