MD Governor Calls for Reversal of Thin Blue Line Ban

MD Governor Calls for Reversal of Thin Blue Line Ban

It has become common for the “thin blue line” flag to cause controversy among people who support police officers and those on the far Left, who seem to have a general disrespect for the law. Typically though, not much is said when it’s displayed in police stations, which makes what happened in Maryland pretty surprising.

Last week, Montgomery Resident and woodworker James Shelton and his young son visited officers at the 5th District and presented them with a wooden “thin blue line” flag. The police department was very touched by this gift and announced it on their Twitter page.

On Saturday, Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich saw the post and said that the “divisive” flag was not allowed to be put on display.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan responded with a serious of tweets expressing his disgust with Elrich’s decision. He called for Elrich to reverse his decision and apologize to the police and citizens.

Whether he will or not, remains to be seen.

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