Media and Dems Twist President’s Words From Woodward Tape

Media and Dems Twist President's Words From Woodward Tape

( – On Wednesday, September 9, famed political journalist and author Bob Woodward released audio of President Donald Trump taken on March 19 admitting he was downplaying the COVID-19 threat. The president said he wanted to demonstrate calmness and not create a panic, although he knew the virus was deadly.

At the time, some panic was already setting in as governors closed non-essential businesses and enacted stay-at-home orders. Of all things, toilet paper was nearly impossible to find, and meat shortages were already starting to appear in places around the country.

Before a full-blown panic could set in, federal and state officials tried to calm people’s fears. However, those facts don’t seem to matter to the president’s opponents. By Wednesday evening, the media and Democrats were on the offensive trying to make hay while the sun is shining on their new prospects to smear Trump.

Democratic nominee Joe Biden accused the president of intentionally misleading the nation and called Trump a liar. Biden then blamed those who died due to COVID-19 on Trump. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the president disdained science. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) tweeted that “Trump lied, and people died.”

The question is, will their attempt to smear Trump and redefine history backfire?

What Did They Say and When Did They Say It?

A close analysis of the actions and words taken by the president, government officials, and Democrats at the time of Woodward’s audio recording with the president paint a very different picture. It demonstrates that the president publicly re-affirmed what he was saying to Woodward in nine hours of a taped audio interview privately.

Let’s look at the timeline leading up to and during the time that Trump was talking to Woodward:

January 22: The first case of COVID-19 was confirmed by the CDC.

January 31: The president initiated the China travel ban to reduce the chances of COVID-19 reaching America from China. In a White House official statement, Trump said, “Given the importance of protecting persons within the United States from the threat of this harmful communicable disease, I have determined that it is in the interests of the United States to take action to restrict and suspend the entry into the United States” from China.

On the same day, Biden accused Trump of “hysterical xenophobia and fear-mongering.”

February 7 – US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams said Americans should be more concerned about the flu than COVID-19. On the same day, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) repeated the same line that the focus should be on the flu, not the coronavirus.

February 11 – Biden top adviser Ron Klain downplayed the virus and said the US didn’t have an epidemic but that the US was starting “to see a fear epidemic.”

February 24 – Pelosi visited Chinatown in San Francisco. Her visit was a contrast to Trump’s supposed racism against Chinese people for the travel ban. She encouraged people to visit the area and reassured the public that it was safe.

February 28 – Speaking at a rally in South Carolina ahead of the Democratic primary, Biden said it wasn’t a time to panic.

March 2 – Gov. Cuomo said he was more concerned about the perceptions and fears over the virus than the disease itself. The governor said he told his daughter she shouldn’t be concerned. He also stated COVID-19 wouldn’t be as bad in the US as it was in other countries.

March 4 – CNN’s Anderson Cooper says people should be more freaked out by the flu than COVID-19.

March 10 – New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) said if people were healthy, they should be “going about your life.”

March 19 – President Trump meets with Woodward, says he doesn’t want to create panic.

March 23 – Dr. Anthony Fauci said the Trump administration’s response to COVID-19 was impressive and that he “couldn’t imagine anybody could be doing more.”

March 27 – New York City Commissioner Oxiris Barbot tweeted that New Yorkers should go about their lives and enjoy their life.

March 31 – During the president’s daily COVID-19 update, Trump recognized the sacrifices American’s were making. He further said, “When you look and see, at night, the kind of death that’s been caused by this invisible enemy, it’s incredible.”

April 3 – The Biden campaign backtracks and agrees with the Trump administration’s ban on travel to and from China.

April 6 – The Director of the CDC, Robert Redfield, said if the country practices social distancing, the outbreak will decline.

April 7 – President Trump said he didn’t “want to create havoc and shock,” while calling himself a cheerleader for the country.

Democrats Hypocritical

While Democrats wrongly attack Trump for political gain, they are hypocrites. They too attempted to minimize fear and panic. Nonetheless, on Wednesday, Fauci said the president didn’t distort anything.

It appears once again Democrats are trying to rewrite history. Trump was consistent all along. All the audio release from the Woodward interview did was provide the media and Democrats with a talking point at a time when the margins in battleground polls are tightening.

Will this hurt Trump?

Not with his base and not if enough of those on the fence seek the same information as listed in the timeline above. Truth will win out if it’s loud enough.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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