Media Escalates Capitol Crisis to Secure More Power

Media Escalates Capitol Crisis to Secure More Power

( – On Wednesday, January 6, while Congress met to tally and certify the Electoral College votes, violence broke on Capitol Hill. Unidentified parties made their way into the Capitol building and tried to confront lawmakers about election fraud allegations. The news media, of course, jumped on the opportunity.

The day after the incident on Capitol Hill, newspapers around the country published photos of the event under inflammatory headlines. The goal seemed to be to make President Donald Trump and his supporters look like lawless criminals. Below we have an example of what Americans woke up to and saw splashed on front pages:

John Daniel Davidson, a senior correspondent for The Federalist, pointed out that he doesn’t think the media actually cared about the violence that took place. He called the “righteous indignation” from elitists “performative.” Instead of genuine concern, the prominent conservative thinks they were using it as a way to “cleanse the country of Trump supporters.”

Is that too hard to imagine? The media certainly didn’t have this same energy when BLM and Antifa were destroying cities this past summer, but we’re supposed to believe they care now?

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