Media Hails Hunter Biden Indictment as “Good News” for His Father

Media Hails Hunter Biden Indictment As

( – President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, has been under criminal investigation for years. Aside from what some would call “shady” business dealings, he has struggled with addiction and repeatedly landed in the headlines. Photos of the POTUS’ only living son allegedly partaking in illegal activity have spread across the internet like wildfire. The younger Biden has repeatedly admitted there was a time in his life when he did drugs and other things that he isn’t proud of.

Recently, some of those bad decisions caught up with him, and he will reportedly plead guilty to several federal offenses. An MSNBC host and his guests tried to spin the narrative.

Criminal Case

On June 20, the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Delaware issued a statement announcing that Hunter Biden was charged with a felony firearm offense and two misdemeanor tax offenses. The announcement revealed the president’s son has agreed to enter guilty pleas for the tax crimes and will enter a pre-trial diversion agreement for the firearm charge.

The US Attorney revealed that the president’s son received a taxable income of more than $1.5 million in 2017 and 2018 but failed to pay over $100,000 that he owed each year. The gun charge stemmed from him possessing a firearm, even though he was a drug addict at the time.

Hunter is facing a maximum of 12 months in prison for each of the tax charges and a maximum of 10 years in prison for the gun charge.

Hot Takes

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host, Joe Scarborough, held a panel discussion about Hunter Biden’s indictment. He accused Republicans of trying to spread conspiracy theories about the president and his son. Scarborough claims the official that former President Donald Trump appointed, US Attorney David Weiss, has exposed the truth.

Guest Jonathan Lemire called the indictment “good news” because he wasn’t charged with any crimes related to the president.

Andrew Weissmann, a former general counsel for the FBI, claimed the charges against Hunter Biden are actually “harsh” because these types of cases are typically not prosecuted. When they are, the defendants rarely go to jail.

Steven Cheung, a spokesperson for Trump, spoke out against the charges saying they prove there’s a “two-tiered system of justice” for Democrats and against the former president. He went on to say Hunter received a “sweetheart deal.” He also criticized the DOJ for not prosecuting Biden for having classified documents in his possession.

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