Megyn Kelly Offers Plan to “End the Nonsense” of Men in Women’s Sports

Megyn Kelly Offers Plan to

( – A leading talk show host has hit out at the “nonsense” of biological males taking part in women’s sports. Megyn Kelly joins a growing list of public figures criticizing the excesses of trans activism. She’s gone further than most, though — she actually has a plan to do something about it.

On April 12, Kelly discussed trans swimmer Lia Thomas on her Sirius XM podcast, “The Megyn Kelly Show.” Talking to guest Dave Rubin, Kelly slammed “queer affirming” people who’re pushing for trans women to be allowed into women’s sports and single-sex spaces. Instead of simply discouraging the practice, she said it’s time to “accelerate the nonsense” and hopefully end it.

Kelly’s plan is to find a white male tennis player who isn’t quite good enough to compete at the top level as a man, and have them say they’re trans and want to compete as a woman instead — which is exactly what Thomas did as a swimmer. She continued, “let’s put him up against Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams… and crush them.” She says that would give the trans supporters a real dilemma, forcing them to say “We know he’s secretly a white man and yet he’s beating all our best women of color.”

Would that split the Left, or just encourage people to quietly drop the whole idea of trans athletes competing as women? One thing’s for sure: It would be fun to watch!

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