Megyn Kelly: “There’s No Point In Dividing Us By Race”

Megyn Kelly:

( – The Super Bowl is a magnet for controversy. Every year, it seems there’s a group of people who have a problem with some aspect of the show. For example, in 2022, the Halftime Show was called satanic. This year’s game was full of symbolism for women and minorities, but Megyn Kelly was not here for it.

The former Fox News host discussed the Super Bowl during an episode of “The Megan Kelly Show” on SiriusXM. Mediaite reported she slammed the pregame show’s “woke” displays, including a rendition of “Lift Every Voice” and a flyover by all female pilots.

Kelly said there was no reason for the show to feature a performance of the Black National Anthem “Lift Every Voice” by Sheryl Lee Ralph. Chris Stapleton sang the official National Anthem, and the addition of the other song was just divisive. She explained there is only one anthem for the US, saying, “There’s no point in dividing us by race,” when the country was coming together to watch the game together.

The radio host wasn’t the only person who was annoyed by the decision to include the song. Kari Lake, the failed 2022 Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate, refused to stand at the game while Ralph was singing.

Kelly also pointed out that the Super Bowl was filled with liberal Hollywood stars. She claimed they were being paraded around and accusing the NFL of pandering to the Left. She went on to say the larger issue is that Republicans aren’t treated the same way by the entertainment establishment.

Instead, Conservatives are ostracized for their beliefs. Entertainers on the Right are allegedly afraid to express how they feel for the fear of being canceled, Kelly claimed. She wanted to know why everyone just can’t be treated equally, so the entertainment industry is unified.

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