Melania and President Trump: A Relationship Timeline

Melania and President Trump: A Relationship Timeline
Melania and President Trump: A Relationship Timeline

The country’s greatest love affair or – as the Left would have you believe – a disaster waiting to happen? There’s as much conjecture and fake news about Melania and Donald Trump’s relationship out there as there is fact. The truth, of course, lies somewhere in the middle; while they may not be the perfect couple, they are very much loyal and in love.
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Key Points

  • September, 1998: Trump and Melania Knauss meet at a party at the Kit Kat Club. Trump was supposed to attend with a date who had to cancel at the last minute; instead, he found himself enchanted with the gorgeous model. However, things apparently didn’t go any further – Trump was still married to Marla Maples, despite being separated.
    • June 8, 1999: President Trump finally and completely divorced from Marla Maples, leaving him free to pursue Melania. Close friends of the couple alleged that Trump may have been dating Melania already during this time.
    • November 1999: Just a few short months after his divorce, Trump made his first official public appearance with Melania Knauss. They appeared on “The Howard Stern Show” (on a call-in, rather than in-person) and talked extensively about their personal lives.
      The first sign that something more may be going on made itself obvious during this call. Trump, being playful, asked Melania what she was wearing or if she was nude. While crude, this is the general theme of the show and was to be expected.
    • Sometime in 2000: Melania and Donald were seen less and less often together. Eventually, Trump confirmed that they had, in fact, broken up, but that it was mutual and they remained close friends. “”Melania is an amazing woman,” he said. “…a terrific woman, a great woman and she will be missed.”
      They would later reconcile a few short months later.
    • Sometime in 2004: Let the bells ring! Trump decides Melania is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. He asks her to marry him in a proposal Melania claims is “a great surprise.” Her ring contains 12 carats of ultra-high-quality diamonds to the tune of $1.5 million dollars, but the shop discounts it for Trump in exchange for publicity.
    • January 22, 2005: Trump and Melania finally marry after five years. The celebration is in Palm Beach; they later honeymoon in Mar-a-Lago. This is the same estate both spend time at today.
    • May, 2005: The Trumps officially appear together on Larry King Live. Both lavish praise on the other, with Melania suggesting, “It was a great chemistry and energy. We had a great time and start [sic] to talk. Something was there right away.” Trump agreed, saying that they “have just such a natural relationship.”
    • March 20, 2006: Melania gives birth to Barron Trump, their first child together as a couple. It strengthens their relationship and both share numerous photos of the smiling, happy family with the adorable little man.
    • June 16, 2015: Trump announces his plan to run for the Presidency. The Left immediately begins tearing down his marriage, suggesting everything from abuse to absurd lies about Melania being an illegal. Former modeling pictures are shared publicly, with the sharers claiming Melania is a woman of the evening or porn star (also completely untrue).
    • November, 2016: Melania steps out into the public eye in full force for good. She makes a campaign speech vowing to stand by the President, both due to her belief in his values and because he is her husband. We see the first examples of just how loyal Melania really is at this time.
    • January 20, 2017: The couple dance sweetly together at the first Inaugural Ball, holding each other close. The song is, “My Way,” by Frank Sinatra – a fitting tribute to the President’s then-recent win.
    • June 11, 2017: Donald Trump is already living in the White House after the election. Melania and Barron Trump finally move in, becoming as much a part of the Presidency as Donald himself. Public scrutiny of Melania ramps up, with the Left criticising her choice of Christmas decorations just six months later.
    • January 12, 2018: An adult porn star by the name of Stormy Daniels tries to allege that she had an affair with Trump. Allegedly, a lawyer made a payment of $130,000 to her to remain quiet about the issue; this is another hot-button issue the Left takes fault with. However, the payment took place before the election and Trump denies all claims.
    • October 12, 2018: Melania opens up about her marriage for the very first time while speaking to Tom Llamas from NBC. She tells the reporter that she loves her husband and that they are “fine” despite rumors from the left. When asked about the affairs, she dismisses the rumors saying she has “much more important  things to think about and do.”

    Fast forward to now. The Left continues to try and destroy their marriage with no luck. Melania and Donald remind us of the value of true love and commitment in real marriages all across the country. That’s something we can all be proud of.