Melania Breaks Silence on Jacket

Melania Breaks Silence on Jacket
Melania Breaks Silence on Jacket

Remember the infamous jacket Melania wore – the one that had the words, “I really don’t care; do u?” emblazoned on the back? It started a firestorm of controversy because the left lost it when she wore it to go visit children who were detained as refugees or illegal entrants at the border.
The left tried their best to claim Melania’s jacket indicated her apathy toward the children. They said she wore it to be snide, make fun of the situation, or even to remind the public that immigrant children don’t matter. It turns out they were more wrong than many of them even realized.

Key Facts

• In an interview with ABC news on October 12, our beautiful First Lady finally put the rumors to rest. She wasn’t making a statementment about the children, and the jacket really did have meaning, despite denials from her communications director.
• Instead, it was her own personal attempt to stand up to herself against the left and their hateful conclusions. It was quite literally a response to the, “left-wing media who are criticizing” her.
• “I want to show them that I don’t care,” Melania explained. “You could criticize whatever you want to say, but it will not stop me to do what I feel is right.”
• Melania also took the opportunity to share that it was “unacceptable for [her] to see children and parents separated” at the border – and that her husband, President Trump, agreed. A pretty vast difference from the claims of the left!
• We realize that the left will try everything they can to refute First Lady Trump’s statements in an effort to make her look bad. When they do, we can remind them of how the FLOTUS seems to thrive and open up when it comes to helping children, as evidenced by her recent trip to Africa and her Be Best campaign, just to name a couple of examples.