Melania Faces Backlash After Meeting with Pro-gun Parkland Survivor

White House Confronts Democrats

First Lady Melania Trump met with Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv last week. In an intimate sit-down meeting, the well-spoken young man shared his thoughts on the shooting and how he believes it could have been prevented. Sadly, the First Lady is coming under fire for the meeting because of the young man’s pro-gun stance.

Key Facts

• Journalist Will Sommer was the first to take pot shots at the administration, including Melania. “It’s been interesting watching pro-Trump media, and now the Trump administration, promote the most vocally anti-gun control Parkland survivor just over the last few days,” he said on Twitter.
• Kashuv, who is completely unafraid to take on the media, slammed back against the journalist on the social media site. “Will, that isn’t what happened at all. I REQUESTED the meeting with @POTUS @realDonaldTrump. I ASKED WH to post.”
• The young student also denies the Trump administration pushed him into speaking a certain way or on specific topics. “They didn’t want to use me to push any narrative. In fact, they let me do it at my own pace. FLOTUS was such a genuine person. I really hope she becomes my mentor.”
• Kashuv also directly defended the FLOTUS in a consecutive post later on the same day. “Insulting @FLOTUS because you dislike her husband is immoral and an insult to what Mrs. Trump is doing with me.” He called the First Lady “ a Saint” and said she “100% cares about this country and every American individually.”
• Kyle is currently one of the only outspoken Conservative survivors of the recent shooting. If other Conservative survivors exist, the media has yet to highlight their stories or thoughts. Instead, they focused almost entirely on students with anti-gun agendas, perhaps in an attempt to boost ratings.