Melania Faces Backlash Over Poignant Dress

Melania Faces Backlash Over Poignant Dress

( – On Friday night President Trump and the First Lady attended an event at Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. Never ones to miss an opportunity to attack the couple, social media was quick to pounce on Melania’s dress.

The dress looked a little like someone got carried away with doodling. It featured white ivory fabric with black markings and people joked Trump was using a black sharpie again.

The $2,485 dress was actually designed by Alexander McQueen for his Spring 2020 collection. The doodles on the garment were created by design students from Central Saint Martins in London.

The kids sketched dancing girls during a drawing class taught by fashion illustrator Julie Verhoeven. McQueen’s staff then took the drawings and hand-embroidered them all over the white linen dress. 

Unfortunately, there will always be jealous trolls who hate on her simply because she’s a Trump. The truth is, Melania looked beautiful in her unique designer dress.

It was the perfect summer attire for a Fourth of July celebration. The fact that it was created with children’s drawings makes it all the more special.

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