Melania Faces Bashing Over Children

Melania Faces Bashing Over Children
Melania Faces Bashing Over Children

One of the First Lady’s best qualities is her constant desire to get involved and better understand people, especially children. It’s also once again the target of badmouthing from the Left, who claims she isn’t focused enough on helping children on home soil. Of course, it doesn’t really matter what she does; the Left finds a reason to bash her.
But those of us who are sane have seen the First Lady shine as she visits schools, spends time reading to children, or heads into post-storm recovery zones to help affected people recover. This time, she’s in Ghana promoting child welfare and learning about the tragedy of the international slave trade before it ended.

Key Facts

• Melania’s first stop was at Ghana’s main palace, where she exchanged gifts and had tea with Ghana’s first lady, Rebecca Akufo-Addo. Trump gifted Akufo-Addo a beautiful White House tray in a signed leather case, while Akufo-Addo gifted Trump traditional artifacts.
• After the initial exchange, Melania spent the afternoon at at a local baby clinic. There, she learned about how Ghana addresses the issue of infant healthcare, watching as nurses weighed babies and handing out “Be Best” initiative branded teddy bears to patients currently in the hospital’s inpatient wing.
• Next, she received a private tour of a well-known UNESCO castle, once used to house up to 1500 slaves at a time on Ghana’s coast. She took the same walk that thousands of slaves took centuries ago: from the inner dungeons where a certain amount of death was not only expected, but planned for, to the “Door of No Return” – the dock where slaves were loaded up on a ship, never to see Africa again.
• Museum director Kwesi Essel-Blankson acted as her guide during the tour, explaining each room and how the slave trade affected Ghanaians and residents of other African countries. At several points, Melania became “emotional” and stopped to reflect on the experience.
• As a show of respect, Melania spent a few moments outside laying a wreath to commemorate her visit. “I will never forget (the) incredible experience and the stories I heard,” she later said. “The dungeons that I saw, it’s really something that people should see and experience.”
• Trump claims her African tour is born from a desire to do better, be better, and share her “Be Best” initiative with the world. Certainly,she seems to be learning a lot about how other countries ensure child welfare and how the slave trade negatively impacted African countries.
• But Laura Bush’s former chief of staff Anita McBride also believes it is also a calculated attempt to improve relations. “It might appear to be at odds with the president’s overall policies,” she said, speaking of the President’s “sh*thole countries” comment from last year. “…But it’s important that she try and do what she can to sort of change that impression as much as she can.”
• The First Lady has also planned stops in Malawi, Kenya and Egypt. There, she will focus on child welfare and meet with local leaders to “mend rifts.”