Melania Gets Slammed

Has Melania Been Replaced?
Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian:

“The View”, one of America’s main daytime talk shows, isn’t really known for logic or even depth of intelligence. Truthfully, most episodes feel a bit like a bunch of hens clucking around rather than a debate or even a discussion. Which is exactly why it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that 75-year-old Joy Behar, one of the show’s main hosts, has childishly attacked the President’s wife while visiting the Van Jones Show.

Key Facts

• Behar was in the middle of discussing co-host Megan McCain, and her late father John McCain’s funeral, with Jones. What began as her commending the younger McCain for her patriotism suddenly and randomly turned into bashing the President.
• Joy, like many other lefties, called the POTUS unpatriotic and said he “only cares about himself.” She also lamented the loss of “that whole feeling of, you know, the great country,” suggesting it was “because of him.”
• Here’s where things get really random and bizarre: her complaints didn’t stop there. Shortly after tearing down the President, Behar adjusted her sights to Melania. She started off accusing the First Lady of coming on The View to “hawk her jewelry” and snidely insinuated she was “just like her husband.”
• “That was the show, the famous show really, because that was the only place that she showed her true colors,” Behair said, “because she believed in birtherism just like her husband. She said that they don’t have the right birth certificate in Hawaii.”
• Joy also accused the First Lady of being useless and abusing the American immigration system. “She is now enjoying the fruits of the American country,” she said. “[Her parents] are enjoying chain migration which a lot of people in this country unfortunately are not enjoying because her husband wants to stop it. Why shouldn’t she go along with it?”
• Despite the fact that Behar doesn’t know the First Lady, nor had she been friends with her prior to her marriage to Trump, she also had choice words for the FLOTUS’s life before she moved to America. “You know, she was in Slovenia doing nothing. I don’t know what she was doing there.”
• When Jones reminded Joy of the FLOTUS’ successful modeling career, she waved it away as if it were nothing. “OK, she was a model, now she’s the first lady. I mean, come on. As my mother would say, who is better than her?”
• But Melania’s record speaks to a very different experience, one in which she is very active in charitable events. Her efforts include lobbying for improvements to education, visiting sick children in hospitals, speaking publicly on a number of notable issues, and even sponsoring a healing garden at a Washington children’s hospital.
• Melania is also single-handedly responsible for starting Be Best, an initiative “encouraging positive social, emotional, and physical habits” in children, teens, and young adults. This includes topics around well-being, social media use, and opioid abuse.
• Where Melania’s efforts differ from previous FLOTUSes is in the fact that she is far less willing to use children or sick people as props for photo ops. Instead, she often chooses to engage and get involved at a quieter, more respectful level. This does not mean that, as Behar would suggest, she isn’t active or involved in helping the public at all.