Melania Helps Bring in the Female Vote

Melania Helps Bring in the Female Vote

( – A new survey from the Frontier Center has found that First Lady Melania Trump is a big reason why Republican women have decided to support President Trump. These results come one week after Mrs. Trump received a Woman of Distinction award in Palm Beach.

The survey, which was also carried out in 2016, shows that Melania’s ability to stay classy while under attack from Democrats and Liberals is the second most important reason women said they support President Trump. The first reason is because of the specific policies he’s enacted.

Anne Sorock Segal, who co-authored the survey, believes that Melania is an inspiration because she shows fellow Republican women how to handle a society that can be very judgmental and downright mean. Melania is proof that you can be attacked and still maintain grace.

This survey shows her decision to hit the campaign trail this year will surely help her husband’s reelection bid.

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