Melania Stays the Course During Impeachment

Melania Stays the Course During Impeachment
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( – There’s no doubt First Lady Melania Trump (FLOTUS) is feeling the strain and stress of the impeachment and subsequent Senate trial of her husband Donald. But it seems she’s taking the most reasonable and sanity-preserving path possible, working hard and staying quiet.

Apart from a Tweet in December 2019, taking to task a House inquiry witness for dragging son Barron into the conversation, her Twitter feed has been as quiet as the proverbial churchmouse regarding the whole affair.

Given the vitriolic rhetoric being launched at the president on a seemingly minute-by-minute basis by the Democrats and gleefully repeated by their army of media allies, that is probably the best idea anybody has had since this started.

No matter how innocuous the comment, it would’ve been dissected by the talking-heads on the news to fit the narrative du jour. It would have either hailed as proof positive that she was turning on Donald or condemned as an absolute lie to protect him. Possibly both when switching between channels.

Mrs. Trump, keep doing what you’re doing. Working on your foundation and shielding your son from the madness swirling around him. You are a class act — as always.

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