Melania Takes Different Stance than President Trump

Melania Takes Different Stance than President Trump
Melania Takes Different Stance than President Trump

Is Melania Trump avoiding the public eye? This is a question many of us were asking just a week ago after the Stormy Daniels incident. But, Melania’s lack of presence in the public eye may have more to do with her nature than with her husband. While President Trump is very vocal and active on social media, his wife takes a more reserved stance. But this year, we can expect to see more of Melania. Sources have confirmed that she plans to hold multiple events throughout 2018, including State Dinner.

Key Facts

• First Lady historian, Myra Gutin, believes Melania’s more public upcoming approach is related to the fact that Americans like her more than her husband. “She is more popular than her husband (most first ladies are), but not as popular as some past first ladies at this point in the administration,”
• Gutin cautions that it may be impossible to predict just how much influence Melania will carry in the coming year. This is largely a result of the fact that both she and Trump reveal very little about her role in his Presidency. “No one knows the extent to which she influences her husband’s decisions.”
• Melania is known for her fierce dedication to Baron, her youngest son. Many have noticed how she changes from standoffish and aloof to warm and caring in his presence. Gutin thinks this may influence her interactions in the coming year. “”Any (future) project that includes children might work well as these interactions seem to bring out her natural warmth.”
• Anderson Bower agrees, saying that he thinks, “…she should focus on her strengths in 2018: empathizing and spending time with children and doing more work to tackle the opioid crisis, and specifically how it impacts children.” The opioid crisis is Melania’s latest and current cause.
• If Melania does step deeper into the public eye, it will be a significant change from her current experience as FLOTUS. One of the facts many historians have noticed is that Melania was one of the first FLOTUS’s to decline hosting a State Dinner in her first year. This was the first time the President and the First Lady had refused to host a State Dinner in several decades.
• Some political analysts believe that Melania’s presence may not be here on American soil, but in other countries as an ambassador. The FLOTUS is known well for her love of travel, and she would be smart to combine this with becoming more public and accessible to the world.
• Former Chief of Staff Anita McBride, who served under FLOTUS Bush, agrees. “She has also shown that she is comfortable on the world stage, traveling with the president on his foreign trips,” she said in an interview. “Perhaps we will see her do some of this on her own as well.”
• Still, not everyone agrees that Melania should travel. Some believe she would better serve her role by remaining on American soil. Many believe she should focus on children’s issues and the opioid crisis right here, where she stands to have the greatest impact.
• Author Kate Anderson Brower disagrees with both mindsets; instead, she believes the FLOTUS will do what she wants with little regard for the public’s opinion. “She is very self-possessed and I don’t think she worries about pleasing people or meeting preconceived notions about what a first lady should or should not do.”
What are your expectations for the First Lady?