Melania Trump and Her “Be Best” Initiative

Melania Trump and Her “Be Best” Initiative

( – First Lady Melania Trump is working hard to spread her Be Best initiative across the United States.


During a lunch meeting for governor’s spouses last week, Melania implored everyone in the room to bring the Be Best initiative to their states in an effort to save the lives of children across the US.

During her speech, Melania told the story of Channing Smith, a 16-year-old high school student who committed suicide last year. Smith was bullied online after his classmates found out he was gay. They spread private messages between himself and another student on Snapchat and Instagram.

The first lady heard about Smith after his family attracted the attention of Billy Ray Cyrus, who has also been working to stop cyberbullying. Cyrus met with Melania in November to discuss how they can work together.

Be Best

Melania’s Be Best initiative has received positive reviews, most recently from her husband. During the State of the Union address, President Trump thanked his wife for her “extraordinary love and profound care for America’s children.”

The Be Best initiative was started in May 2018 and was Mrs. Trump’s first time really stepping into the spotlight as the first lady. She wanted to make sure that children were being encouraged to have positive relationships, make good decisions, learn how to use social media in productive ways and be their best selves.

Of course, Democrats always find something to be upset about and don’t seem worried about being their best.


It seems like every single time Melania says anything, the Dems are ready to attack. Their favorite complaint is that Melania can’t be against cyberbullying when her husband uses his Twitter account to speak his mind about people.

Melania has made it clear that President Trump is his own person and as an adult, he’ll do what he wants. Considering how often Liberals talk about how women should have their own voice and not have to follow whatever their husbands do or say, they’re quick to hold Mrs. Trump to a very different standard.

After posting on Twitter about her meeting with the governor’s spouses, the first lady received many negative comments about how she needs to fix her own family. It’s crazy how these people don’t see how ridiculous they look bullying someone who’s trying to fight against bullying and make the lives of children better.

We thank you First Lady Melania for always keeping your head held high and doing what’s right, no matter how many obstacles or naysayers you face.

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