Melania Trump Says Evidence Was Doctored!

Melania Trump Says Tapes About Her Were Doctored By Aide

Melania Trump Says Tapes About Her Were Doctored By Aide

( – From the time former First Lady Melania Trump walked into the White House, she came under fire from the Left. They scrutinized everything she did, labeling her a cold, uncaring “golddigger,” an accusation she staunchly denies. In 2018, a former aide released recordings of the then-FLOTUS saying rude and vulgar things about Christmas that cast her in a negative light. In a recent exclusive interview with Breitbart, she fired back.

Trump said Stephanie Wolkoff, her former senior advisor, recorded and edited private conversations to make them sound like something they weren’t. The infamous sound byte of the previous First Lady saying, “Who gives a f–k about Christmas?” is one part of a larger conversation, completely taken out of context and wildly inaccurate.

Wolkoff’s feud with her former boss had settled since the 45th president’s administration ended, but this interview will certainly bring the topic back to the spotlight. A wife and mother, Mrs. Trump said the Christmas season is very dear to her, her family, and the American people.

Her scathing statement admonished Wolkoff’s behavior and the mainstream media’s refusal to cover the story properly. She reminded the public that releasing the recording resulted in the advisor’s immediate termination and charges for violating the White House confidentiality clause in her contract.

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