Melania Visits Children’s Hospital

Melania Visits Children’s Hospital

( – It seems like every day First Lady Melania Trump is doing something to show her love for our nation’s children.

For the third Valentine’s Day in a row, Mrs. Trump spent time with sick children in Bethesda, Maryland.

The Children’s Inn at the National Institutes of Health gives children a home-like atmosphere where they can receive treatment for a variety of illnesses. While there, she gave out valentines and decorated cookies with the kids.

This trip went well, and received little criticism, unlike the last time Melania visited a hospital.

Back in November, around 200 protesters gathered outside a hospital in Boston as Mrs. Trump visited sick children. While the group pretended to care about children by protesting how immigrant children have been treated at the border, they obviously didn’t think about how upsetting their presence could be to the children in the hospital.

Of course, the first lady carried on as she always does, full of poise and grace.

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