Melania’s Message For Essential Workers

Melania's Message For Essential Workers

( – Across the country, businesses have closed in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19. Not all employees can stay home, though — their jobs are too important. Now, First Lady Melania Trump wants America’s essential workers to know the country appreciates the jobs they’re doing.

On April 18, the first lady tweeted a message letting them know she’s thinking of them.

President Donald Trump thanked essential workers earlier this month, as well. Both the president and his wife understand how important these people are in our fight against the deadly virus.

As of April 20, more than 767,000 people in the US have tested positive for the coronavirus, and over 40,700 have died. Every day, workers across the country leave the house and serve the public. They work in hospitals and grocery stores, just so the US could make it through this pandemic.

The FLOTUS’ kind words are much appreciated as America’s heroes put their lives on the line to help.

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