Melania's White House Decorations Attacked

Melania's White House Decorations Attacked
Melania's White House Decorations Attacked

Melania is under attack, again. This time, the issue is her choice of decorations for the White House. It seems no matter what she does, the Left has something to say about it. So much for their claim of tolerance for all. When it comes to Melania, they don’t give her any room to be herself, from her wardrobe to her Christmas tree.

Key Facts

• Melania recently posted pictures of the bedazzled White House featuring hallways and rooms filled with sparkling ornaments and traditional trees. The stunning images showcase Trump’s personal preferences and design choices.
• In a unique twist, Melania dressed up several rooms with bright red trees seemingly crafted from holly berries. They were different, sure, but still well-within the realm of traditional Christmas decorations.
• Some called Melania out by stating the trees looked like “ground hamburger” or organ meat. Others photoshopped hats from the Handmaid’s Tale onto the top of the trees instead. At least one person likened them to the elevator full of blood from, “The Shining.”
• The rude remarks are flowing, but truthfully, Melania’s choices in Christmas decorations really aren’t that different from what many of us use in our own homes. It isn’t unusual to see faux trees in frosted blue, glittering white, or even red. And the holly berry? It’s pretty Christian, too; it signifies the blood of Jesus Christ, who is the true meaning for the season.
• Sadly, even the Christmas spirit isn’t enough to prevent people from mocking Melania. She was bullied online last year for the same thing, with many from the Left saying she made the White House look like an evil dungeon.