Mexico DISGRACES America In Disgusting Video Ad!

Mexico Airs Anti-Drug Ad Showing American Addicts

Mexico Airs Anti-Drug Ad Showing American Addicts

( – Mexico and the United States have a terrible relationship when it comes to the drug epidemic. Drug cartels in the neighboring country smuggle narcotics into America that then make their way through communities, destroying them. An ad run by the government in Mexico recently attacked the US.

Mexico released a commercial to the public warning citizens of drug use and giving them a number to call for help. The video showed a group of young people partying at a club when one of the women inhales smoke of some kind. Then, the scene transitions to a woman, who is obviously high, standing on a street. It turns out ad-makers filmed the street scenes in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

There’s no doubt the Kensington neighborhood is rife with drug use. It has long been a problem in the city of Brotherly Love. However, Mexico has plenty of its own drug users. Although there aren’t a lot of concrete statistics on the drug problem in the neighboring country, a 2017 report by The Washington Post revealed the problem was on the rise. More than 15% of the men in the country were using narcotics.

Instead of stopping the flow of drugs across North America and the deadly cartel violence in the streets, Mexico’s government is making commercials.

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